Out of the blue,  during our usual meetings with all the local administrations that host the venues of our stages, came the news that the permission  to carry out the stage of Peschiera del Garda has been revoked.

We are really sorry to have to inform you that this year we will not be able to make you swim within the walls of  an Unesco Heritage site: the full support to the event from the local Administration had led us to advertise the event and to include the name of this stage in all the materials produced for the Challenge… and also to produce the  T-shirts for the event in which we have always believed.


Now (ONLY REGARDING PESCHIERA DEL  GARDA, all the other stages are CONFIRMED) the overall approach not only towards our event, for which we have provided serious and competent protocols, but towards all the events until the end of September,has changed.

We are therefore forced to cancel the fourth stage of the 2020 Challenge , that was supposed to be this year’s big news, after that of Ischia  in 2019.


The many friends already enrolled in the stage of Peschiera del Garda, to which we will send an email in the next few hours, will be able to use the quota to register for another stage of the 2020 Challenge or the same will be fully considered valid for the 2021 edition and can be used for any stage of the Challenge.

First and foremost, we need your understanding: we do not give up because we believe it is right to continue to act as the spokesperson of a message that lays its foundation in the need of returning to normal (of course with all the awareness and precautions of the case).

Secondly, we need your support in the 4 stages  that remain strongly confirmed by all the host administrations: let us make the best out of this cursed year.

The  2020 Challenge returns to have 4 stages, wonderful and unique,which will be the way to the victory of the Circuit.


Today we are sad and mortified, but fortunately on Sunday we are hosting the first stage in Maccagno to which we will arrive ready and excited as much  as we were at the premiere of Monate in 2016: we decided to keep the registrations open even on August 4th  to give at least some good news to any latecomers!