Now official:  after only two annual seasons, the Italian Open Water Tour is now part of the top intercontinental open water swimming competitions and its three stages are in the OPEN WATER WORLD TOUR  international circuit.

Monate lake (17 June), Maggiore lake (15 July)and the Nolinatural harbour (16 September)are therefore connected to Spanish, Greek, Californian and Mexican competitions along with many more including Kazakhstan. (

The OPEN WATER WORLD TOUR has been structured to create a swimming ranking in open waters ona world level:every competition has a score which is added to those already received in order to have a “global” open water ranking at the end of the year.

The Italian Open Water Tour Challenge 2018will maintain its own characteristics, awarding a cumulative final general ranking in the three stages, for every category.

It’s only about a month to go until the first stage in Monate, which is being held on 17th June. It’s going to be the first time we have hosted such a huge swimming event, even if last year’s event broke the record in Varese lake area which had almost 700 competitors in total,in the three competitions on the day.

There are always three competitions in every stage: SMILE SWIM(2500 mt), HARD SWIM(5000 mt) and RELAY(relay race 925mt  x 3). They’ll have the same characteristics as the previous years (they are open to both high-level athletes and people who wish to fulfill on a personal challenge or compete with their training partners … all united by the desire to have fun , party and a toast at the end of the competition).

The partnerships with AVIS and Terres des Hommes will be even more stronger, if possible, than in the past.

Avis Provinciale Varesewill be present providing an inflatable play area and a gazebo, in addition to their logo on the buoy, during the  Monate and Maccagno stages. For the third year running they’ll be giving away a prize (the OPEN WATER OPEN MIND AVIS TROPHY) to the blood donors taking part in the competitions.

AfterSimone Ruffiniand Federico Vanelli (great national champions) were invited by Terres des Hommesto the Challenge 2017 awards ceremony in Cozzi Swimming pool in Milan, Terres des Hommes’ enthusiasm and collaboration has been renewed by inviting Ivan Enderica Ochoa (Ecuadorian national team athlete, 10 times South American champion and in the first fifteen in the 10 km Olympic competition in London and Rio) to swim in Monate lake. The presence ofthe South Americanchampion testifies the strong connection between the organization and the projects of Terres des Hommesin Ecuador which donates 1 € for every registered member. They also continue to develop new initiatives such as the 2017 raffle.

The first starting list of the Monate competition has been published today on the home page, just a little bit more than a month before the competition day… it’s going to be a roaring success with so many people from Italy and all over the world already signed up to participate!


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