After the official statement of Saturday August 29th,  we would like to specify the following in advance:

  • The weather warning issued by the Civil Protection on Saturday, August 29th with a “red alert level” valid until the afternoon of Sunday, August 30th , results in an unquestionable point : the cancellation of the race due to weather reasons.
  • – We believe we were timely in communicating what we owed of a weather scenario that left no room for any doubt in the protection of the movements of those who would come from afar, we could have waited this morning but all our decisions always have a single priority: protection of members
  • The cancellation of the stage on Sunday, August 30th was determined, as already specified, from the combination of the weather warning and the anti-covid19 regulations written in the granted authorization: it would have been impossible to guarantee safety,  social distancing and control over assemblies in the aforementioned weather conditions (NB our inherent protocols have already been applied in the Maccagno stage successfully but, indeed, without an ongoing weather warning).
  • “Cancelling the event for reasons of force majeure (such as adverse weather conditions or other unforeseeable causes)” is one of the cases expressly specified in the “declaration” accepted during registration.
  • The decision to try to relocate the date comes from the common desire of the Organization and the competent authorities to try to use all the permits and documentation produced while safeguarding the interest of the registered athletes.
  • The date was not chosen from a list of possible ones but it was the only option available.
  • We are well aware of the concurrence with other races: it is clear that we have assessed all factors but it was more important to try and give an alternative rather than simply cancel the stage.
  • We took charge of the “protection” of the quotas for the stages directly affected by the covid-19 (Monate, Maccagno and Peschiera del Garda) while being able to appeal to rules of the “declaration” accepted during the registration, due to our sense of responsibility during such a  unique and delicate time but the cancellation for weather reasons is a totally different scenario, valid this year as it was in the past.
  • To register for our races is not the same as buying a voucher: each stage has a different and independent organizational system that needs to remain very well separated  as  is  evident from the individual registration for each event.

Given all this,  the most regretful and the most in difficulty,  operationally speaking, is certainly us, who have clearly not taken the most easy “way”. Do keep in mind that the following week we will face the confirmed stage of Noli.

We try to meet all the registered athletes further, by giving the opportunity to give up their registration (which we remember is personal) using only THIS DOCUMENT supplemented by the copy of a valid I.D.  of both (original athlete and substitute).

To make this as easy as possible, we will NOT reopen subscriptions, despite the many requests already  received,  and we will be reachable on our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook.

The regularization of the transfer of the registrations will be accepted no later than Thursday, September 3rd  specifying as of now that the substitute must have a personal ID registered on the  site.

The registered athlete who could not participate retains the right to have his race package collected, by showing a written proxy accompanied by a copy of the ID.

We need your positive thoughts: in a year like this it wasn’t certainly our intention to end up in the middle of a “ red alert level” weather warning.

We were certainly dreaming of a very different Sunday and we are doing everything we can to ensure that, in spite of everything, the greater number of subscribers as possible can take part in it.