After careful analysis with the competent authorities, the local administration and the Canottieri Monate that hosts us, we officially announce the move of tomorrow’s stage of the Italian Open Water Tour to Sunday, September 6th.

The decision was taken by taking into account the weather warning extended to tomorrow morning combined with the absolute ban on gatherings due to Covid19 regulations: the possible prolonged wait of the athletes on the race field while waiting out a thunderstorm, would make the situation unmanageable by not being able to offer any shelter  but rather, to comply with the anti Covid19 regulations, we would have to make sure that no further gatherings were created and let everyone wait  on the lawn that is already resembling a mud field due to the heavy rains.

We waited until the last moment possible and it was collectively decided as every decision taken less than 24 hours from the event should.

All listed athletes will be automatically moved to the starting list on Sunday 6th  September, as there are no other options as per conditions accepted during the registration process (see causes of force majeure).

We would like to thank the staff, the local administration, the Canottieri Monte and all the players who are at heart of the organization of our event for their willingness to see it happen.

We’ve been dreaming about this stage for months… and we’ll do it: see you on September 6th!!!!