It’s been a hot minute since we shared some news.

On the 8th of March we posted this on our social media platforms:

“It’s useless to keep posting pictures of the beautiful settings of our Challenge while pretending nothing is happening: Italy ( and not only Italy) is dealing with a public health emergency.

Up to a few days ago, even we weren’t taking it too seriously, but in this moment saying the mea culpa is pointless.

We invite all the Open Water lovers to turn over a new leaf: the only way to be able to experience our beautiful days of sport is to change our attitude and abide by the new rules given by the Government.

Otherwise we will all share the responsibility when events and races won’t take place. It’s pointless to keep asking us what we’ll do, while you try to find a way to go on as usual, without following the rules.

Nobody can back down now: no more leaving during the night, no more doing hundreds of kilometers to go swimming, let’s stop looking  for a way out.

Even us swimmer have a civic duty, and it’s high time we show what we are made of…and who cares if we won’t be at our best for the first race, and who cares if someone coming from other parts of Italy will be better trained!

Let’s close our eyes, and think about the sun rising on a new stage of the Italian Open Water Tour Challenge 2020, with hundreds of our friends sharing “Here we come” on their social pages… now it’s time to stop to be able to experience a sunrise like that.”

It’s time to get ready!

Almost two months have gone by: we are proud to be part of the Open Water Lovers Community!

Swimming has probably been the sport most put to the test by this challenging time, but we never lost heart, we kept in touch and we were strong together and above all, we kept dreaming of a IOWT sunrise, like the one in the picture at the beginning of this article.