Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes has been on the front line for 50 years to protect children all over the world from violence, abuse and exploitation and to guarantee to every child school, informal education, medical care and food. It’s currently present in 65 countries with almost 1000 projects in aid for children.

Italian open water tour supports Terre des hommes with special attention in the “red zone” in Quito, Ecuador.

Terre des hommes offers to more than 300 children attending El refugios de los suenos medical care services, pedagogical and after-school activities. All workshops are aimed at the discovery of the child’s own skills and talents and realize their own  self-worth through the use of games and manual activities.

OPEN WATER OPEN MIND, personally received the prestigious patronage by the administrative delegate and general secretary Donatella Vergari, with aims to support Terre des hommes allocating part of the enrolment fees from the competitions and organizing fundraising at every stage in cooperation with the above-mentioned non-profit organization and the host administrations.